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«There's no secret formula in making bad movies. You just need a muscle man like myself and very big budget. Oh yeah ! You gotta be stupid,» announced Vin Diesel on the Break two Legs festival after consuming 200 steroids. Some time later he made another very intelligent announcement : «I love chicken and hairy girls! Hair and big feet are my obsession, and my hobby. I just love it. When I see a hairy girl, I gotta have her and take her out.» So then I asked him what was his taking out concept.

«First I kick some dirty bum ass, then I skate on a plate and in the end, I FUCK the hairy bitch !!!!!!!»

I asked him why does he make bad action movies, and the answer came very quick : «That's a tough question. You see, in my childhood I had 3 snakes at home and 5 dogs. I loved them but they soon died, so I decided to kick some major ass. But every time I started a fight, I got my ass kicked instead, so after time I realized that's not gonna work. I started drinking steroids, milkshakes, cola, pepsi, fanta, piss and WALLA ! I'm a famous action star and I'm very intelligent and chicks love me. Now I'm gonna kick your ass!» I barely escaped with my life. Later that day I watched XXX and said : «Is Vin Diesel gay or just a moron?»