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Ja Rule, a moron in disguise decided to talk with Croatian Bitches !!! That's right, so here are the questions and answers…


-          So tell me Ja Rule something about your music…

-          Oh man !! Shit… I mean, you know what I'm sayin !! Fuckin bitch turned me on but I think rap ain't music but I'm rappin anyway cause then I get rich motherfucker !!!

-          All right… What do you think about starving children in Africa ?

-          Fuckin motherfuckers !!! I'm a black motherfucker !!!!!!

-          I gather you didn't finish school ?

-          Fuck school when I can rap and make corny, no style, bad content music !!! I have money and fuckin' bitches !!!

-          What do you think about metal, punk and rock bands that really respect the instruments and quality in lyrics ?

-          You call that music ?! I fuckin' spit in yo' momma's fuckin' face motherfucker !!!! Rap is quality, because motherfuckers like me don't know how the sing, motherfucker !! If I could sing I would kill myself !!!


So what to say about Ja Rule…Is he intelligent ? Is he wise ? Don't think so….